Privacy policy

Andromeda Casino (after this: the Casino, Website, Company, We, Ours, US) provides visitors with complete privacy. All protocols and processes are carried out transparently and openly. Therefore, your data is protected, and it is impossible to take it without your permission. The Privacy Policy sets out a complete set of rules for visitors to the Site and the Site itself. If you have any questions, please contact Us.

The site collects personal information from visitors. But, only to get a detailed picture of them. The data is used exclusively with the consent of the visitors — information protection using first-class technologies that ensure the highest security.

The visitor, for his part, is obliged to keep the login, password, and other account information secret. They don't need to share with anyone, not even family members, friends, or colleagues. If the information can be compromised, we recommend changing your account or password. If this situation occurs, be sure to change your password.

Information we collect

Andromeda Casino recognizes two types of information data:
  • the first is traffic analysis and log files;
  • the second is visitor registration data.

We can look at the phone number, name, address, email. Registration at andromeda.casino is an agreement on the use of personal data.

Personal data

Cookies are collected automatically. The user enters only personal information. To register, you will have to indicate your real name, address, email. You don't have to include anything else in the request form if you don't want to. But, refusal to enter personal data constitutes a limitation of activities on the Site.

When a Casino account creates, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the resource. We store all visitor data encrypted. The shelf life determines by law.

Data protection

Our specialists tested Casino Andromeda for malware, violations, and only they have access to encrypted data. Programmers guarantee the safety and security of information. We store all user data on secure servers.

Andromeda Casino is one of the safest sites for customers. We are improving the level of security, adjusting it to new protocols. Encryption using 256-bit SSL encryption.

There are the latest security algorithms for customers in Andromeda Casino. We rewrote them from financial institutions: banks, corporations.

Attention! Remember that the transmission of information over the Internet will not always be secure. Therefore, you agree to this when registering.


Cookies are small documents, which contain letters and numbers with the definition of actions on the Site. They are saves automatically to your hard drive. But you can disable this in the browser settings.

When a visitor visits the Site, performs actions, the information saves. You can prohibit this at any time. But, Andromeda Casino needs cookies to identify the visitor. Our experts analyze your activity. Therefore, they know what you might be interested in.

Cookies are needed to improve the website. Files can help count visitors, look at pages that interest them.


If you are interested in our Casino, we invite you to receive letters with offers. We use phone numbers and addresses only to inform users about changes to their accounts. Data about surveys, promotions, contests sends to e-mail.

The e-mails may have a tracked URL. When the file opens, we see it. We value every visitor, so our e-mails are not spam, but information. With their help, we can fulfill all the wishes of users.

Data security

All visitor activities encrypt with a secure 256-bit SSL security certificate. Each visitor of Andromeda Casino can be confident in the confidentiality of information.

Attention! The transmission of data over the Internet cannot be completely secure. We cannot be held responsible for the actions of third parties. If you share information with them, we recommend that you change your password immediately.

Our team is trying to make the Site even more secure. Therefore, specialists are constantly reworking protocols and programs to improve the Andromeda casino.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Andromeda Casino has the right to change the Privacy Policy whenever it wants. The changes take effect immediately.