Andromeda - the Goddess of Slots

Thousands of sunlight years ago the major part of the Milkyway galaxy was controlled by a powerful fraction. Its generals were obsessed with an idea to control every solar system, every planet, and every creature in the galaxy. They massively exploited planets and their inhabitants in the name of their sordid goals to become as rich as possible.

While the galaxy was suffering from that atrocious oppression, a group of young and bold humans decided to save their homes from overwhelming injustice. They created the resistance movement and recruited as many people as they could. However, they couldn’t beat their enemy with their efforts.

Commander-in-chief of the enemy’s fleet, also known as the Space General, had a secret power. The rumors went, he used am ancient artifact from the furthers star that gave him supernatural abilities. So, rebels decided to summon a secret power that could help them win the war.

Andromeda, the last one from a superhuman race who had protected the Earth for centuries, was renowned for her numerous victories and many considered her as an idol of truth and freedom. After one of the galactic battles, traitors imprisoned her in a cryogenic camera where she spent a lot of time. When rebels found and defrosted Andromeda, her maimed body was too weak for taking part in a battle. So, rebels brought the best technicians to worked on hi-tech robotic parts for her. When Andromeda regained consciousness, she found herself totally renewed, with her one half as a robot and another half as a human. With no hesitation, she headed the resistance and beat the enemy.

Though the war was over, Andromeda kept on guarding the galaxy against any assaults on its freedom and life in peace. And now, she takes care of our leisure time, too, by offering a great variety of super cool slot games on her highly secured space base.